What does the app do, what is it for?

Shows the data from your backup file so you don't need to carry the old phone around with you. 

Bring the contacts from your BlackBerry address book over to your iPhone or iPad. Select one or more (or all) of the contacts in your backup file and let MyBB copy them into the iPhone address book. No need to keep carrying the old phone just in case you need to look something up! 

Memos, contacts, bookmarks, calendar entries, SMS & MMS messages - all are easily accessible using MyBB. Useful if you need to look something up or copy and paste details into an iPhone document or message. 

Key Features: 

- Import single or multiple contacts to your iPhone or iPad address book from the data stored in your BlackBerry backup file. 

- Allows you to have the following databases from your blackberry backup available to view on your iPhone or iPad: 

> Address Book - All (Plus copy to iPhone Address Book) 
> Calendar - All (Plus save to iPhone calendar) 
> Memos 
> Tasks 
> SMS Messages 
> MMS Messages 
> Browser Bookmarks 
> Phone Call Logs 

- Works with backups created on either a PC or a Mac using Desktop Manager Software - simply take the latest backup of your BlackBerry smartphone and copy or send it to your iPhone/iPad. This can be done using iTunes or, if you prefer, send the file to another app that can open files, such as e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive etc. 

- Once you download MyBB to your iPhone other apps such as Mail, Dropbox & SkyDrive will recognise that MyBB is able to open these files. Tap on the file in one of these apps and then select 'Open in MyBB'. 

- If you e-mail the backup file to your iPhone MyBB will be able to read the data from there. Likewise, if you place the backup file into your Dropbox or SkyDrive account you will see a new option to open the file with MyBB. 

- The common types of data such as web links, e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be used directly within MyBB. For example, touching and holding a bookmark shown in MyBB causes the link to open in the web browser, touching and holding a phone number allows you to dial that number directly etc. 

- The first time a new file is opened it may take a minute or two for MyBB to scan the information but once this has been done the information is available almost instantly every subsequent time that you use MyBB. 

- You can search Memos, Calendar entries, SMS messages to locate specific items. 

Please note the following limitations: 

- Does not support BlackBerry 10 backups. 

- Only Address Book contacts and Calendar events can be imported directly into the iPhone or iPad itself. Other data can be copy/pasted using the standard iPhone features - touch and hold on some text and then choose select/copy. 

- Calendar appointments can be saved one at a time, there is no multi-import function. 

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